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Motorcycles in my Garage/Garages (click on picture to enlarge)

Some History and then some Current.  An interesting look at my time with Motorcycles.  This will give you an idea of when I started and how my love for motorcycles has progressed.  I started later in life than I wanted to.  There were several things that held me back.  Finacially, I could not afford another vehicle.  And my career started in Kansas City and I was not comfortable riding a two wheeler in that traffic at the age I was (19-24).  I bought my first bike when in Cedar Rapids Iowa, I was 26.  Part of my passion was influenced by my dad who also had several bikes through his years 1940-1987 (I will have another page in tribute to him when I get the slides scanned). 

First bike in 1994. 1978 Honda CX500. I bought this one when I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I bought it at a Pawn Shop. Purchase price $850.00, Sold for $750.00.

Second bike. I also purchased this one in Cedar Rapids in late 1994. I do not have paperwork but think I paid around $5200.00 for it. Sold at a sacrifice price of $3200.00.

In 1995 I got my 3rd bike, 1989 Honda Goldwing 1500. I had to sacrafice a car for this one. It was tough, but the bike won out. Purchase price $8500.00. I traded it for my 2003.

The sacrafice! Damn I wish I had it now!! Still love this vintage. I paid around $2500 for it and only had it a few months.

Late 1995. My first mechanic work on my bikes. I think it is funny that this is the first sign of my signature.... carpet in the gargage. I had completely fogotten that it started that early!!

A new home and a new garage. NO, it was a SHED. I spent alot of time in the SHED.

By 1999 I had added several accessories, chrome and other parts. I had also logged many miles including vacations to Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Colorado.

1999, I bought the Colorado trailer I sold for $2500 several years and trips later. It has travelled many miles including to Alaska and back in 2009. Purchase price $1950.00.

2003 I bought this 2003 Honda Goldwing 1800 from Storm Lake Honda. I traded my 1989 Goldwing. Purchase price $14900.00, trade in value $7100.00. This goldwing took me many places. It was ridden out east when I lived in North Carolina and it had its' share of Rocky Mountain travels.

2005. This is when I really started to buy/sell and collect. I bought this Honda PC800 on EBay and flew to Arizona to buy and ride back home (in Sept. interesting trip home through the montain passes, a trip to remember). Purchase price $4100.00 Sold it a year later for $3800.00. Not a money maker but it was fun to own.

2009, I bought another 2003 Honda Goldwing from a private party (had around 12000 miles on it compared to mine that had around 60000 miles). This is the one that went to Alaska and back. Purchase price $12500.00. Sold old 2003 to private party for $10500.00.

In 2008 my collection started. Here is the 1983 Honda CX650 I bought. Gave $1500 for it. Honda only manufactured this style one year. I sold this one around 2017 for $1800.

2008. My first "Money Maker". I bought this 1983 Yamaha Venture Royale non running for $800. I got it running and sold for $2100. Very little investment (around $400) excluding my time.

2008. Another great find a 1981 Honda CX500 with under 600 original miles on it. Not running but in very good condition. Also got a 1982 parts CX500. Total price $800.

2009, I bought this 1982 CX500 Deluxe. I only had it for a few months. Paid $1200 for it and sold it for $1500. I liked this bike but it just was not unique enough.

2009, I bought this 2008 GoldWing that replaced the 2003 that went to Alaska. Purchase price was $17500, traded 2003 for it. I sold the 08 in 2015 for $14500.

In March 2012 I bought this 1988 Super Magna. Paid $3000 for this bike. It is still in my collection today, with minor improvements.

1987 Super Magna. Paid $1600, came with many extra parts. I robbed some accesories and better parts for my 1988 Super. Sold for $2100.

In 20012 I bought this 2003 Valkyrie. I had this bike for about two years. I still miss it!! I sold it for the same price I bought it around $5000. I hope to have another one someday.

This great low mileage, 4000, CX500 is a twin to mine. It acted as a donor to my 600 mile CX, making it a better show bike/museum piece. sold for $2600

This 1987 was just too cheap not to buy. I had it a little over a year. Paid $1500 and sold for $2000.

1972 CT70. This was not cheap, but I have always wanted one. Paid $1700.

In 2015 I bought this 1979 GL1000. Was going to fix and sell but decided to keepit, make it naked and running. Work in progress. Paid $1000. Sold it in 2017 for $1200.

In 2015 I aslo bought this CM400A, 2 speed Automatic. it is a fun little bike. Paid $1100. Sold it for $1400 in 2018.

I never lost my love for the PC800. When I found this 1990 red one I had to make it mine. Paid $3000. Sold this one in 2017 for $3200.